Scrub Bars
Scrub Bars
Scrub Bars

Scrub Bars

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Scrubs, just like toothpaste, often contains so-called 'microbeads'. These small pieces of plastic can't be filtered out by sewage systems before they reach rivers and seas. So, they end up eaten by marine life or left in the ocean. That's why we offer Werfzeep's scrub bars, which are made with only organic and natural ingredients. 

Oats scrub: Oils of coconut*, olive*, cacao butter*, water, oats*, essential oils of lavender*, lime*, corianderseed*, juniper berry*.
Spices scrub: Oils of coconut*, saffloer*, olive*, cacao butter*, water, essential oils of cinnamon leaf*, cilantro seed*, clove*, ginger*, black pepper* and cardamom*, lunar seed*, ground cinnamon*, ground ginger *.
Coffee scrub: 
Oils of coconut*, sunflower*, cacao butter*, water, essential oils of lemongrass*, turmeric*, cinnamon leaf*, 

*=certified organic ingredients
×=wild harvesting

Why these ingredients?
Other mass-produced soaps often include toxic ingredients. For example synthetic dyes or preservatives. Bad news, because your skin absorbs the soap you use. So whatever is in that soap, ends up on your skin or worse, in your bloodstream. This can lead to skin irritation, eczema or other serious health problems.

Werfzeep doesn't compromise in the ingredients they use. No refined fatty acids. No synthetic foaming agents. No synthetic perfumes. No synthetic dyes. No synthetic preservatives. 

Biodegradable: Yep. Since all ingredients are plant-based, there is no harm in washing them down the drain.
Organic: Yep. Without exclusion. 

Vegan: Yes.

How to use
Use the scrub together with a washcloth or bath glove. 

Wrapped in recycled paper packaging.

Throw away
Throw the paper wrapper in the paper recycling.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Werfzeep
Country of origin: the Netherlands
Instagram: @Werfzeep