Wipes for Menstrual Cup

Wipes for Menstrual Cup

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Want to clean your menstrual cup without any chemicals? OrganiWipes are made for cleaning OrganiCup on occasions when you don't have direct access to clean water. 

Organic cotton. No perfume. Contains alcohol denat. Size of wipe: 15x14 cm. Every pack contains 10 wipes.

Why these materials?
Whatever you clean your cup with, ends up in the cup. And eventually in your body. 
That's why it's important to clean (when you don't have access to clean water) to clean the cup with these organic cotton wipes. 

Individually packed. Packed in paper packaging.

-FDA registered

How to use
Simply wipe your OrganiCup clean and make sure to let it dry completely before re-inserting. Remember to also clean your hands.

Throw away
After you used the wipe, throw it in the trash.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Organicup
Country of origin: Denmark
Website: www.organicup.com
Instagram: @organicup