Mineral Deodorant

Mineral Deodorant

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The average deodorant often contains harmful chemicals. Aluminium is one of them: it blocks your pores and interferes with the natural estrogen level. It’s been linked to Alzheimer and prostate cancer. That’s why we prefer a natural deodorant. 

Crystal deodorant stick. Made from alum salt brick.

Why these ingredients?
This natural deodorant doesn't contain aluminum chloride, alcohol, perfume, parabens or synthetic conservatives or dyes. So it doesn’t irritate your skin. It’s a dry deodorant, so no leaking or greasiness.

Portuguese cork. It doesn’t contain any plastic and is completely biodegradable. 

-No animal (by)products
-No animal testing

How to use
Moisten the stick with water and apply as usual. Dry the stick after usage. Works up till 24 hours. Doesn’t leave any white marks on your clothing.

Throw away
Throw away in your regular garbage bin.

Brand Information
Brand Name:
Country of origin: Switzerland
Website: www.biork-deo.com