When she became herself

When she became herself
Not everyone was happy

In contrary, the majority of the people judged her for it
They were confused beyond measure

Shook, even
Shook that she had the courage to be happy
Shook that she loved herself so much, her love was overflowing
Shook that she embraced her weaknesses 
Shook that she wasn't ashamed of her true nature
Shook that she didn't pretend to be little anymore

All they wanted was to put her back into that box
The box they created in their head, which had only a limited amount of space

The truth is, when she became herself
They were confronted with their own littleness

Afraid to embrace their own light
Afraid to embrace their greatness
Afraid to think beyond boxes, since that's all they knew

What they didn't know is
That they don't have to be afraid any longer

Because if they look themselves in the mirror, long enough
They would realize that they were great too

Love + Peace + Dolphins,

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